-The assignments in each module are due before your class meeting with the Stanford undergrads! You have up until your Zoom session begins to submit those assignments for full credit.
-Late submissions are accepted through midnight on the Friday following your undergrad meeting, for half-credit.


-Mengzi/Mencius Selections (link below)
-William Barr Talk pp.1-4 (PDF below)


-The final draft of your Antigone essay assignment is due by midnight on the Friday following your Module 6 Zoom session!
Don’t forget to visit the Paper Assignment page for more details and paper-writing tips!


-Visit the Exam page for instructions and tips about your end-of-quarter exam!

Watch: An Introduction to Mengzi

Read: Mencius/Mengzi Selections

Check for Understanding

Write: Mengzi’s Well Passage in Your Own Words

Write: Mengzi’s Ox Mountain in Your Own Words

Watch: An Introduction to William Barr

Read: pp. 1-4 of William Barr’s 2019 Remarks at the University of Notre Dame

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Write: How does William Barr see humans?

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