-The assignments in each module are due before your class meeting with the Stanford undergrads! You have up until your Zoom session begins to submit those assignments for full credit.
-Late submissions are accepted through midnight on the Friday following your undergrad meeting, for half-credit.


-pp. 1-26 from Antigone by Sophocles (translated by Woodruff)

Watch: “The Greek Question”

Check for Understanding

Write: What’s for lunch?

Watch: An Intro to Greek Tragedy

Watch: Introduction to Antigone, by Sophocles

Read: Read Pages 1-26 of the Play 

You should have your own copy of Antigone to work with, but the required reading for this module is also included here.

Make note of questions you have, and pay attention to how you’re reacting to the different characters.  We’ll ask more about this later.  And try reading some passages out loud! – either on your own or with others.

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Write: What are Antigone and her sister, Ismene, like?

Watch: A performance clip from a staging of Antigone

Now watch this 6-minute clip of the opening of the play Antigone.  Keep an eye out for the ways in which the two sisters match your expectations or differ from your expectations.

Write: What are Antigone and Ismene like in the performance version?

Poll: Are humans basically good or basically bad?

Write: A little more time with our visitor from outer space

Write: Questions for Greg?