Welcome to your Antigone essay assignment!


-The first draft is due by the start of your Module 5 Zoom session, and you should receive feedback from the Stanford undergrads by the following Monday
-The final essay is due by midnight, local time, on the Friday following your Module 6 Zoom session
South Valley-Friday 3/17
North Star-Friday 3/17
Bronx-Friday 3/24
Urban Assembly-Friday 3/24
Topeka-Friday 3/24

The Prompt

By its very nature, a play has many voices, and those voices are often in conflict.  But as a work of art, one can also ask if the play as a whole has its own voice.  Is the play saying something that no particular character is saying?  Write an essay that makes an argument about what that ‘voice of the play’ might be saying within that first 26 pages of Antigone that you’ve been assigned to read.  Why might the playwright have assembled the multiple voices that we see in those 26 pages? What is the nature of the problem that is being presented, and what does that opening section seem to want to communicate.  Be sure to reference the text directly both in describing the problem and in making claims about what the play might be trying to say.  

Length: 750 to 1000 words

Rubrics — 3 categories: mechanics (25%), evidence (25%), thesis/argument (50%)

Watch: Tips for Writing your Antigone Paper