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THIS WEEK’S READING: Book 2, Chapters 6 & 7 from Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics

INTERVIEW ASSIGNMENT: Part 1 of your Interview Assignment will be due the Monday following your Module 7 Zoom meeting. Be sure to visit the Interview Assignment page for more details and deadlines about this activity!

Read: Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics

Book 2, Chapters 6 & 7

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Watch: Aristotle Mini-Lecture (Part 1)

Aristotle Review and the Idea of ‘Character’

Check for Understanding

Watch: Aristotle Mini-Lecture (Part 2)

Aristotle’s “Doctrine of the Mean”

Check for Understanding

Write: Do you think violence has a legitimate role to play in social change?

Optional Bonus Material: Stoic Philosophy

Remember Marcus Aurelius, from Module 1 – the Roman Emperor who started The Meditations by thanking all of the people for the things they taught him?  Marcus Aurelius is considered a Stoic philosopher, so here’s a little more information about how Stoic philosophers think about character virtues.  This video is by Adisa Banjoko, a hip-hop historian and podcaster – who has lectured in SLE at Stanford a couple of times – talking about the impact of Stoic philosophy in his own life. 

More of Adisa’s work can be found on his Instagram, linked here!

Watch: An Intro to Stoic Philosophy with Hip Hop Historian and Podcaster, Adisa Banjoko

Write (Optional): Questions for Adisa?

Write (Optional): Questions for Greg?