02. What is our object of study? Seeing things holistically

02. What is our object of study? Seeing things holistically

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…we don’t live in a world in which issues can be individually separated, one from the other. That we actually live in a world which is very systemic in which everything is really connected to every everything else and everybody is connected to everybody else.

—big mike

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In this episode:

00:00 Recap: why is it important for us, vital for us, to radically rethink everything?

02:03 How and why do we talk about individual ‘issues,’ and how do we need to start thinking about the problems we face? How are the problems we face connected? What is preventing us, institutionally and intellectually, from grasping the full extent of those connections?

14:44 How can we define culture (opposed to how it’s commonly defined, in terms of ethnicity) to start thinking holistically? Why is culture not just specific material practices and activities, but also a way of thinking about the world that emerges from and is reflected by those material things?

27:50 Conversely, what is the bearing of immaterial ideas on the material world, our material experience of daily life? Why do we have to pay just as much, if not more, attention to immaterial ideas as material conditions?

33:11 What glimpses do we have of a transformed way of thinking about the world, a transformed culture; how do we move from what is to what could be?

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