01. First things: The many crises we share

01. First things: The many crises we share

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‘A shareable world’ … I like that expression, but that expression focuses my attention on what’s out there to be shared. A great deal of our problem is that we have forgotten how to share. Sharing is after all a matter of consciousness—it’s not only that there has to be a lot out there to share, but that we have to develop a culture in which we want to share. Where sharing becomes part of being a human being, part of being a community.

-big mike

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In this episode:

00:00 The future is bleak. Why? What are the crises we’re facing? Why is it that we need fundamental change?

12:47 What about young people? How are we (or aren’t we) teaching them to deal with what’s ahead? Why is it important that we talk about history?

20:05 What do we mean when we talk about a shareable world? What are we sharing, and how do we share it?

23:43 What is the history of the system, capitalism, we are currently living in? How do we talk and think about that history?

29:15 How does the idea of society emerge as capitalism emerges? How did people view capitalism, and how did they react to it?

33:55 How did people resist the emergence of the machine of industrialization? How does it relate to the technological changes we’re facing?

37:07 What about the good things capitalism has given us? What, if anything, has capitalism taken? What changes do we attribute to capitalism or not?

45:00 What are glimpses of a restructured society, a restructured mode of production? How do we think about massive, systems change on the scale of lived experience, of human life?

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